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Privacy Policy



This Policy outlines the collection, storage and use of personal information handling practices at Bridge Arrow Sdn. Bhd.




This policy applies to all Bridge Arrow employees, students, students’ external agents, and Bridge Arrow providers.



Policy Statement

Bridge Arrow collects personal information through a variety of paper and electronic formats in regards to its employees, students, students’ external agents, and Bridge Arrow providers. All information collected is for the purpose of the operations of Bridge Arrow, or where dictated by legislative guidelines.


Bridge Arrow values the privacy of all individuals and is committed to handling their personal information in a lawful and responsible manner. Bridge Arrow is committed to ensuring that is compliant with the related legal obligations by which it is bound.


Collecting information

Bridge Arrow collects information only where it is necessary in order to carry out its functions and activities.


Bridge Arrow will not use or disclose personal information unless the person about whom the information relates is aware of, or has consented to, the use or disclosure of their information. Personal information may be disclosed where an individual has consented to the disclosure, and a common example is where students permit the release of information to their agent. In addition, information may be disclosed in situations where individuals have been informed of the usual practice of disclosure, such as the transfer of results to Bridge Arrow.


Bridge Arrow collects information for various purposes, including:


  1. the provision of education and related activities

  2. the employment of staff

  3. marketing activations conducted on Bridge Arrow owned platforms


When collecting information, Bridge Arrow expects that it will only be collected by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. When collecting information, the individual to whom the request relates should be advised of:


  1. the purpose for which Bridge Arrow is collecting the information;

  2. how the individual can access their information;

  3. to whom the information will be disclosed;

  4. where the collection is required by law; and

  5. the consequences of not providing the information.


Bridge Arrow will only collect sensitive information in limited circumstances (e.g. with the individual informed consent, if required by law).


Providing information to Bridge Arrow anonymously

Where lawful and practicable, individuals may choose not to identify themselves when transacting with Bridge Arrow. However, Bridge Arrow may consequently be unable to provide services in these circumstances.


Using and disclosing information

In most cases, Bridge Arrow will only use or disclose an individual’s information for the primary purpose for which it was collected. However, in rare circumstances information in regards to an individual may be disclosed where:


  1. There is a serious and imminent threat to life, health, or safety;

  2. There is a requirement under law, or authorized by law;

  3. There is a requirement under an enforcement body.


Bridge Arrow may also use and disclose information for a secondary purpose if the secondary purpose is:


  1. related to the primary purpose in the case of personal information; or

  2. directly related to the primary purpose in the case of health and sensitive information; and

  3. the individual would reasonable expect Bridge Arrow to use or disclose the information for that secondary purpose.


Accessing and correcting information

Bridge Arrow will provide individuals with access to information it holds about them, subject to legal requirements. Requests for access to information will be considered in accordance with the applicable legislation.


Where there is a concern, employees should contact Bridge Arrow for advice.


If an individual establishes and notifies Bridge Arrow that their information is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date, Bridge Arrow will take reasonable steps to correct the information or to record that the individual disagrees with the information on file.


Maintaining data quality

Bridge Arrow expects its employees, students, and agents to take reasonable steps to ensure that any information being collected, used, or disclosed is accurate, complete, and up to date.


Securing, storing, and retaining data

Bridge Arrow will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal or sensitive information if it is no longer legally required to be held.


Complaint and appeals process

If an individual believes that their personal information has not been dealt with in accordance with the Bridge Arrow Privacy Policy they may lodge a complaint or appeal with Bridge Arrow.

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